Kausani Trekking Tour
Kausani Trekking Tour

Places to see:

Pant Museum:
Pant Museum is not far from Kausani bus stand is a very beautiful museum dedicated to national poet Sumitra Nandan Pant. Sumitra Nandan Pant was born in Kausani. This building in which the museum is located was the place where he spend his childhood. His ancestral house has been converted into the museum. The museum is managed by the state archaeological department. It has a good collection of the items which was used by Pantji in day to day life. These include letters, poems and manuscripts etc.

Lakshmi Ashram:
Just one kilometer from Anashakti Ashram is located a leading social service organisation. This organisation runs many developmental and welfare programmes for women. Sarla Ben, one of the disciples of Gandhiji, stayed here all along her life. From the Ashram are run many awakening and welfare programmes for women. Modern education and developmental activities are main features of this place. The whole Ashram itself is worth having a look.

This place is 20 kms from Kausani. Set at an altitude of 9,500 ft., Pinakeshwar is a very beautiful place in the mountains. There is a Shiva temple and beyond the temple are spread deep beautiful valley-of-flowers-trek.html. This place is also good for trekking. The area near Pinakeshwar are also worth giving a look.

Baijnath Temple Complex:

This temple complex is located 17 kms from Kausani. Baijnath Temple complex has many historic ruins. The temples of Baijnath group are decorated with some intricate and delicate carvings.


Situated some 39 kms from Kausani, Bageshwar is one of the important places in Kumaon hills. This place is located at a place where river Saryu and Gomti meet. This whole place is dotted with temples. There are two ponds, Suryakund and Agnikund, which are very famous. Every year in January a fair, Uttaryani, is organised here.

Pindari Glacier:

From Bageshwar a road takes to small village called Cafcote. Cafcote is 25 kms from Bageshwar. From Cafcote further 16 kms takes to Loharkhet. Previously there were no roads to this place but now a metalled road has been constructed. From Lohargarh to Pindari Glacier one has to take a trek of 35 kms.

Kafni and Sunderdunga Glaciers :

These two glaciers give ample opportunities for people who love adventure. The Kafni and Sunderdunga glaciers promise great adventure and thrills. Both these glaciers are located in different directions from the Pindari glaciers. It is advisable to take an experienced guide to show the trek and potters to carry load. Sunderdunga is famous for beautiful stones. The way to Sunderdunga passes through Umla Jetly village. The Dhakuri camp is 35 kms from here. For Kafni glacier one has to cover a very difficult trek of 20 kms from Dwali camp.


19 kms from Kausani is located the famous Shiva temple of Someshwar. This temple is located in a very beautiful valley-of-flowers-trek.html. It is believed that the temple was built by the Kumaon ruler Somchand. Someshwar temple is built in Katyuri style of architecture.


About 75 kms from Kausani is place called Chaukori. From here one gets a very good view of the Himalayan peaks and ranges.
Then there are treks to glaciers which are really full of adventure.

Some well known trekking routes are:

Kausani - Pinakeshwar
Kausani - Garud - Baijnath Dham
Kausani - Garud - Baijnath Dham - Gwaldam
Kausani - Chanuda - Someshwar
Kausani - Pindari Glacier
Kausani - Kafni and Sunderdunga Glaciers
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        This is a place which attracts visitors automatically. Everywhere nature has blessed Kausani with immense beauty. From Kausani one can see an arc of peaks almost 300 kms in length. This adds to the grace of Kausani. Dense forests, enchanting greenery, full bloomed and colourful flowers, some great cloud formations all accompanied by a simple living style capture the mind of a tourist.
Kausani is also called the Switzerland of India. It is located in the lap of high mountains. This place is like a gem in Himalayas. On one side of Kausani flows river Kosi and other side is flanked by thunderous Gomti and in the middle is Pingnath Peak where Kausani is located.
         Kausani is located at a height of 1890 meters. Influenced by the natural beauty and peaceful environment, Gandhi ji spend 12 days here in 1929. Here is he wrote "Anashakti Yoga". About this place Gandhiji is wrote in one of the papers '... I think astonishingly that leave aside the mountains and the peace here, nothing can match Kausani in the world. The health benefit which we derive from this place is not available to any of European nation...'. The place where Gandhiji stayed and wrote 'Anashakti Yoga' is called the Anashakti Ashram. This place has now been converted into study and research center. Here tourist come and stay. Right in middle of Ashram is a very courtyard. This Ashram is maintained by Uttar Pradesh Gandhi Smarak Trust.
        Originally this place was called Valna. Later it was called Kausani. According to historians the place where Kausani is situated, once there was a flourishing kingdom called Kartikyapur. The remains and ruins of this kingdom can still be seen here. Today Kausani has come up as a major family tourist destination. The sunrise over the peaks in Kausani are mesmerising. The different colours which appear as sunrise attracts tourists round the year. And they do not miss any chance capture these magical moments on camera films. Sunrise is best seen from Anashakti Ashram. Every morning many tourist come here to watch the Sun coming up over the peaks. And when first rays of light clears the darkness of night all areas get painted in different colours. And slowly sun appears over the horizon as a big red fireball.
Kausani is also famous for trekking and camping. This area has got some of the best treks in the world. The slopes of the Himalayas here are also good for camping. Indeed Kausani is ideal for those who want to escape the dust, heat and hustle bustle of cities. It is heaven for those who wish to spend a quite holiday in the lap of nature.

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Kausani Trekking Tour

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