Family Actiive Vacation - Viraatkhai + Nagtibba
 Family Actiive Vacation - Viraatkhai + Nagtibba 4N/5D

Itinerary -

Day 1: Viraatkhai

Reach the Viraatkhai camp by lunch and get set to enter a world of adventure. Post check in, you meet your trip leader and instructors for the trip. We waste no time and get straight into the nuances of rock and rope climbing. The topography is perfect for beginners and with our team of experts, you know you are in safe hands. This may seem slightly difficult, but once you get the hang of it (and we will make sure that you do), this is something you might find yourself doing often on other holidays. Enjoy the day, before settling around the bonfire towards the night. From starting a good fire for the camp, to getting the barbeque working, this is all about your ‘active’ vacation! The evening ends in stories of the many hits and misses while rock climbing, but all of them end in an ‘experience of a lifetime.’
Activities for the day: Ropes, Knots, Valley Crossing, Rock climbing, Rappelling, setting up a Bonfire, getting a Barbeque going, etc.

Day 2: Viraatkhai

We leave the camp after breakfast for the Yamuna adventure Park, where the day is spent doing a number of instructor led activities like rafting, stream walk, swimming, river crossing and duckie rides The activities end in a riverside picnic. After an adventure-filled day, we hit the road back to Viraatkhai. At the camp one gets into
Activities for the day: River hydrology, Navigating a raft, Swimming through a small rapid, Rafting, River crossing, Duckie rides, Kayaking, Bridge Slithering, Riverside picnic, Body surfing, Stream walks, etc.​

Day 3: Set off on the trek

The day starts at Pantwari village, which lies in the upper fringes of Mussoorie, a 2 hour drive from the lodge. This is the base point for the Nagtibba trek. Our trip leader, an experienced outdoor professional meets you here to take you through some orientation about the region and what to expect over the next few days.
The climb to Nagtibba is mild enough for kids to enjoy as well and lasts only 4-6 hours at an easy pace. If you would like to have a backup, we could arrange for a horse to accompany us and anyone could take a horse ride whenever they are too tired to walk. However, we don’t reach the peak, but a base below that. Between this, the expert also tells you more about this history associated with this region, about the locals in the villages and the local flora that you see along the way. With stories from the hills, you hardly notice the distance to the campsite, in the middle of a large lush green meadow. Our outdoor camping expert, introduces you to the world of camping; right from choosing the site, to pitching tents, collecting fallen wood to build a fire, making your own loo, giving sentinel, with a focus on eco savvy practices. You will be surprised to see the level of enthusiasm of the kids. The idea is to orient both kids and adults to the outdoor life, keeping best practices in mind! The day ends around the bonfire.
Activities for the day: Hiking, Camping techniques, nature trails and making a bonfire.

Day 4: Jungle Campsite

After enjoying the views of a misty hill morning, we climb for about 4 hours to the top of the Nagtibba peak. Today, our expert gives you tips on using the compass and other ways of navigating on a trek – a skill that will go a long way in future. A few hours here is necessary to take in the views and enjoy the high altitude of almost 10,000 feet above the ground. The vantage spot on the mountain is great for a picnic lunch. An outdoor cookout, especially on top of a mountain, has its own charm. Post the lunch, we walk back to the campsite. Enroute, our naturalist tells you more about the flora and fauna, pointing out the change from the lower regions to the higher parts of the mountains. Back at the campsite, the recreation team will have games organised for children – with the crisp mountain air, you will be surprised at the stamina for participating despite the trek in the morning. We settle into the camps at night, the tents lit up by the bonfire, getting ready for the next adventure.
Activities for the day: Orienteering, Hiking, camping techniques, nature trails and recreation games.

Day 5: Departure

We pack up and clean the campsite, before hiking down the hill for about 3-4 hours, to reach the base village of Tevagaon, chatting with locals on the way. From here, our vehicles are ready to take us Dehradun. You can catch your flights and trains easily on this day.

                                                   Trip Ends With Sweet Memories !!!

For Departure Dates just call 7350530009 / 7350540009 / 7350550009

List of Essentials

Mountain/adventure travel requires one to be adequately equipped with the right kind of personal gear. Since one is travelling in the wilderness there will be hardly any opportunity to buy anything once you start the trip so we urge you to carefully pack everything into your bags.

    Shirts / T-shirts
    Jeans / Trekking Pants
    Windproof jacket of decent quality (no flimsy wind cheaters please!) preferably with a hood
    Warm and thick Fleece / Full-sleeve Woollen sweater
    Thermal inner wear (upper & lower)
    Woollen cap
    Woollen gloves
    Woollen socks & regular socks (3-4 pairs)
    Scarf/muffler (optional)
    Comfortable Trekking/Hiking shoes (shoes with a thick sole are recommended)
    Lightweight floaters/sandals/slippers
    Raincoat / Poncho
    Small light weight towel
    Water bottle (sturdy ones, no empty Bisleri bottles!!)
    Cap / Hat to keep the strong sun away from your face
    Sun glasses
    Walking stick / Trekking pole
    Sunscreen Lotion
    Lip Balm
    Torch / Flashlight (with extra batteries)
    Medicines, if requiring any specific medication
    Personal toiletries
    Book, if you like reading
    Day pack/small bag which you will carry on your back every day and keep your essentials in it
    Carry rain cover for your bags
    Camera if you like (with fully charged batteries)


Carry your stuff in a duffel bag, soft shoulder bag or a rucksack. Avoid suitcases, trolleys or any other hard luggage. As you will be walking long distances carrying a rucksack, avoid bringing unnecessary items on the trip. Please avoid carrying expensive watches, jewellery and electronic items on the trip.

Duration: 5 Days

Season: Jan-Jun, Sep-Dec

Region: Garhwal (Uttarakhand)


A great trip for outdoor initiation for children above 8 years, this truly epitomises a family active vacation. Experts in the field of nature, camping and rafting travel with us on this trip, so that you have ample time to learn from their experience. They have all worked closely with children and ensure that the trip is fun-filled and educative at the same time. We leave it up to you, on how active you want to get back up ponies and vehicles are provided for those who do not want to climb.

After a couple of days of a wide variety of rope and water activities one spends the next couple of days reaching up to the clouds this trip promises complete immersion in nature! There is interaction with both the lower Himalayas and River Yamuna. The initial part of the adventure trip takes you to the beautiful Yamuna valley at our deluxe lodge in Viraatkhai. Out here, you begin with the various nuances of tying a knot using climbing ropes and use the practical knowledge that you gain to indulge in the exciting sports of Rock climbing and Rappelling. You would have an expert instructor who would take you through all aspects of planning a climb or coming down a rock face in a safe manner. The next day one heads off to the River Yamuna for a day on the river with various water activities. Here the emphasis would be on getting to the various facets of a river and its hydrology that can be used in various sports like rafting on Ganga, river crossing, kayaking, body surfing, etc. By the end of the day you are sure to realize that what you see on National Geographic of people negotiating a big white water rapid is as much science as it is a technical skill!! Head back to the lodge at the end of the day and we get packing for our trek the next day. Careful planning of the essentials for a trek in the wilderness but keeping everything as light as possible would be the call of the hour. Once were packed and ready, we get a good nights rest for the excitement of the next day.

We begin the day with a drive to the base of the trek and in a matter of only a few hours, one touches an altitude as high as 10,000 feet at Nagtibba. The next few days gets you acquainted with the fern and oak lined hills, a spectacular view of the big peaks of the Himalayas, etc. By the end of it, you would have a practical knowledge on preparing for a camping trip, setting up a campsite, Leave no Trace way of travelling the hills, and the small and fun things like building a bonfire, creating an emergency shelter, self-cooking, etc.

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Family Actiive Vacation - Viraatkhai + Nagtibba 4N/5D

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