Become PSA



1) He will get commissions 4% to 7% on group Tours & Customised we will give him net rate. 

2) He will get Promotional Material like Brochures,  Coupons,  Shop Board etc.

3) He is Authorised to sell all Namoh Products and services. 

4) We will put his name on all state and advertisements like newspaper,  television etc wherever possible 

5) We will not sign any other PSA ( Taluka ) in his area .

6) He will get the Sales & Customer care support 

7) The agent only Has to give the leads & rest all will be Taken care by the Company 

   All the efforts for Converting the query will be taken by the Company after getting the enquiry,  
Giving Quotations,  Doing Followups, Making Changes as per requirements, Finalising the tour, after finalising the tour total assistance till the completion of the tour.